Monday, August 25, 2008

Support the Campaign for Amendment in Article 2 of the Constitution of Pakistan, 1973

Dear Citizens,

1. Let us SAY NO TO THE STATE RELIGION OF PAKISTAN. But, how to say such a No? The best, effective and meaningful way to say such a NO would be to introduce an amendment in the Article 2 of the Constitution of Pakistan, 1973. It would be in the fitness of things to reproduce herein below the contents of the Article 2 of the Constitution of Pakistan, 1973 for the sake of convenience and ready reference:

“2. Islam to be State religion. Islam shall be the State religion of Pakistan.”

2. On considering the point as mentioned herein below paragraph - 3, the said Article 2 of the Constitution of Pakistan, 1973 should be amended as under:

“2. No religion of State. Religion shall have nothing to do with the business of State; and that the Parliament shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.”

3. Point for consideration of amendment as proposed herein above Paragraph - 2 is as under:

Should the State have Religion? No. The reason is simple. You will agree that human beings have religion and that animal, bird, fish, and institutions including State and tools and etc., have no religion. Thus you will agree that Article 2 of the Constitution of Pakistan, 1973, as reproduced herein above Paragraph – 1 wherein it is stated that “Islam shall be the State religion of Pakistan” is unwise; and as such it is in violation of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

4. The Constitution of Pakistan, 1973 is not free from the poison of religious bigotry, extremism and fanaticism; and that it is rooted in the Article 2. The point of concern is that till today, no Member of the National Assembly belonging to any political party, have deemed it fit and proper to even point out such a poison. It can be said with sure, if we succeed to amend that Article - 2 as proposed herein above paragraph – 2 we would purge that poison out of the Constitution, which would help us to further flush it out of our society.

5. I hope you would consider my proposal with due care and attention and would agree with it; and that you would help me by all your means by exercising your influence upon Members of National Assembly so that the amendment as proposed herein above paragraph – 2 may be made in the manner as prescribed in the Constitution.




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Anonymous said...

I agree with your opinion of Mr. Ghulam Mustafa Lakho, that any institution, including the state no such thing as embracing a religious duty, because it will lead to discrimination.

Religion of the majority will only be a mere political tool, if not eliminate, because the real religion is not only the individual matters involving the state, or institutions.

I will always support you,
Ary Minda Nietzsche

Jimmy said...

No state has the right to infringe on the rights of an individual or a group of citizens, the freedom to exercise their choice of religion, education, or the right of movement or the right NOT to participate in any policies thereof.

I surport this campaign for a Free Pakistan!

sam.shropshire said...

Imposing state church or religion in any country represses religious minorities. Religious freedom is a right guaranteed to all world citizens by the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Religious freedom is the cornerstone of any real democracy.

Ludwig Hayeko said...

I fully support this campaign and also agree on the very important fact that there should be no state religion of Pakistan.

karen said...

I support your admirable campaign!

A Hassan said...

Well done Lakho Sahib for this brave effort and all right minded people of Pakistan or shall I say the world would back this. Religion must have no role in politics if Pakistan is ever to become a modern, democratic state

Anonymous said...

the problem with majority of most of such "State religions" is that they turn up into nightmare on long run..

anyone that disagree with political definition of religion, is a designated infidel.. and thus has to suffer under the laws, that were supposed to help the peoples..

it is also the biggest problem as many of those try to define "True islam", ignoring the fact that relationship with god is personal matter, and every person his own truth inside...

Anonymous said...

Yes, I support the separation of church and state and I will NOT support any one particular state religion.


Anonymous said...

I support you!

الله أَكْب

Bradley C. Roberson said...

Self determination is not possible in a world ruled by dogma. These values should hold true for all humans alive regardless of where they find themselves. I support the campaign for ammendment in article 2 of the constitution of Pakistan, 1973.

Candy said...

This is such a tragedy! I will sign whatever petitions, and post this link periodically. Im so sorry that there is such injustice for pakistan!

Maria said...

I fully support GM Lakgo's campaign for a free Pakistan. I

leland61 said...

I oppose any state religion in any country of the world. It can only lead to misery, murder and mayhem - and the evidence is all around us today.

Charles Alexander Zorn said...

I fully support and celebrate these amendments that insure that religion does not interfere with affairs of state. Separation of Religion and State is the only way to insure freedom for all. The constitution must insure this equality. If one is elevated, none are free.

Charles Alexander Zorn

Stray Angel said...


jason frye said...

The secular state is inherent in a free society. When sentiment toward gods and goddesses clouds the mind of the polity, true service to humanity can not begin.

Anonymous said...

The State of Pakistan from very begining has been exploiting the people living under its authority in the name of religion. on March 27, 1948 Pakistan forcefully occupied Balochistan and declared this soverign state a part of Pakistan only for the people of Balochistan too belonged to the religion followed by the mejority of pakistan's population. earlier Balochistan's representatives had refused the offer to merge in pakistan. Since its imencipation the state of pakistan has been using religion as a tool to oppress the margenalized segments of society including people who follow some religions other than of mejority.

peace said...

I support you.

Ohm Grewal.

Julian said...

I would say yes to separation of church and state. I guess in your case that would be mosque and state. How about yes to freedom from religious interference in government. Unfortunately in real life it doesn't seem to matter much if they are officially separated or not. If political parties are seeking to wear the moral authority of religion in order to win the votes of the ignorant hordes, can you ban them? And can you stop them forming ecclesiastical governments? It would seem the answer to these questions is not Yes. And the results are Khomeni and the Reverend Blair. Looks like Bin Laden might be right about democracy, not that I particularly fancy his alternative. I would maybe vote Yes for the We'll Leave You Alone Party.

Julian Bohan, vendor of Hispanically-positive domain names:!/album.php?aid=163941&id=374998692084

and anti-smell campaigner:

Adnan said...

It's true there is not a single Islamic state on earth.On other hand there is not a single secular state either. The biggest self acclaimed secular states US and India are governed by Chiristianity/Judaism and Hinduism respectively.

You guys are acting like a bunch of kids and tin soldiers wasting time on something which is not destined for Pakistan.

Do something constructive and share your skills to grow pakistan. Acting like an idiot is not going to serve you at all

Anonymous said...

I agree. You have my suppport.
Jane Yang

Martin said...

I agree with GM LAKHO sahab and support this type of campaigns.
We must say no to the State Religion of Pakistan.

Martin said...

I agree with GM LAKHO sahab and support this type of campaigns.

Dulal said...

I strongly support this type of campaigns. “NO TO THE STATE RELIGION OF PAKISTAN”

shahid kaiser said...

i salute your efforts,we must be win ,there is no alternate except secularism ,shahid lahore worker party pakistan

Anonymous said...

Being a Pakistani, I strongly support the campaign that our constitution should be amended to make Pakistan a Peoples republic instead of Islamic state.. Religion has destroyed the unity of Pakistan, has made the peoples of Pakistan fanatics, extremist, backward and narrowminded... Pakistan can not make progress unless it is not made a secular state.


Dr. Xaher Gul said...

Well done Lakho Sahab!
Start the Movement and you shall see, hundreds of thousands will be behind you!
Pakistan Zindabad!

Adeel said...

O yes, I fully support this initiative. I hold a Masters degree in Political Science and I know that the functions of a state can be delivered propoerly only if it has no religion. Those who think its a war against Islam,,,, Think again, Islam is not a label to be pasted. Its muuuuch more than that.

Adeel said...

O yes, I fully support this initiative. I hold a Masters degree in Political Science and I know that the functions of a state can be delivered propoerly only if it has no religion. Those who think its a war against Islam,,,, Think again, Islam is not a label to be pasted. Its muuuuch more than that.

jouvenile said...

i totally agree wiyh u.state has nthng 2 do with any1 's relogion,cast etc

Sinplicity said...

I strongly support Mr Lakho's campaign for amendment in Article 2 of the constitution of Pakistan. Religion should be separated from the state.
Dr Purba Das

Turkman said...

On Mon, May 3, 2010 at 5:01 AM, S Turkman wrote:

No nation in the world has progressed because of Religion or because it became a religious state. Saudi Arabia, Iran and Sudan are examples of it. Even earning trillions of dollars in Oil Money has not advanced Iran and Saudi Arabia.
Allah of Moslims helped just 8 lac people of USA to become such a huge country, Hub of capital, the biggest Economy of the world and a Super Power, when its Constitution had separated Religion from State becoming Secular in 1776.
* From 1800 to 1899, 55% of all major Inventions and Innovations of the world took place in USA.
* From 1900 to 1999, 85% of all major Inventions and Innovations of the world took place in USA.
* Before 1934, US Per Capita Income was lower than ours but then Socialistic Reform was implemented in USA.
* From 1934, more than half of the Ten Commandments of Communist Manifesto have been followed in USA one way or the other.
* All the people of USSR had highest standard of living of the world by 1952 but Socialistic Reform in 1934 USA had beaten USSR by 1965 though only 85% of Americans had that higher standard of Living. Outside Communist Countries, reaching 85% was a huge achievement but Capitalists had been trying to blunt the teeth of that reform for decades therefore, now USA can not have the same claim. Now only 50% of Americans can claim they are Middle Class or above. USA is failing and heading towards a downfall now.
S U Turkman
* Limited state-controlled Capitalism has been thriving in Communist China and Singapore.
* Japan has stuck to Communist Philosophy of Centralized Direction and Control and is 2nd richest country of the world after Illegal Money Capital of the world Switzerland but even Switzerland owes money to IMF now.
* IMF was supposed to be an Accountant of all Nations but has become a Credit Card Company. Proof? World Reserves after subtracting IMF Loans $ 7 trillion. Money Countries of the world owe to IMF? $ 57 trillion, USA owing 22% of it. Thus, IMF and World Monitory System is a Fraud. Richest Countries of the world owe $ 45 trillion to IMF and poor countries where most of Humanity lives owe only 12.

sajjad ali zaidi said...

i say hereby say NO and A BIG NO to state religion, thus support the cause.

sajjad ali zaidi said...

i say no to state religion and support the cause.

Akbar Rizvi said...

The official name of the country should also be changed to Republic of Pakistan. Enough of this Islamic Republic delusion.

Anonymous said...

I support, sir.
Muhammad Omar Baloch,
Mobile # 0345-2944098

Anonymous said...

State religion prevents innovation and growth of a nation. Peoples real feelings and beliefs would only be held in check by fear, certainly not love for it's oppressors.

Anonymous said...

Your citizens will be simmering with resentment underneath. Nations will not progress under state religion. Progress will never be made. Another dark ages will settle over the people. Not desirable at all. Controlling people will never work.

Tiberius said...



Anonymous said...

I fully support your initiative of reverting Pakistan back to the vision of its founder: Quaid-e-azam

Yours truly, with best wishes, from Karachi

Dr. Glynis Scott said...

States should not impose religion on their people, much less the oppressive kind of fanaticism we see in Pakistan. I entirely support your campaign.

Anonymous said...

I am willing to accept a "State Religion" only to the extent and no more than a "State Flower," "State Bird" etc. Period.

Asif Usmani said...

Dear Mr Lakho,
Thank you very much for taking a stand on this fundametally critical issue for the prosperity and advancement of ALL the people of Pakistan. I fully stand behing you as a well-wisher and ex-citizen of this potentially great nation. Jinnah made it absolutely clear that religion is not the business the state! He was a wise man indeed and we should heed his words.

Asif Usmani
United Kingdom

Anonymous said...

We are not at all pleased to support your campaign. It should rather be Say No To Secularism. How can you deny the blessings of your God? You’re breathing, talking, seeing, touching, feeling, all because of His blessings. How can you go against the Al-Mighty? Are you not afraid of His anger? How can you even think of such a cause being a Muslim? Should you not be spreading the word of Allah rather than turning away people from it? The world is merely an inn, where we are to stay for a limited time, the real life is of the hereafter, where Allah has promised the righteous Heaven and the non-believers Hell. Whatever we do in this world is being recorded. The good, the bad. We are taking our test and the results will determine where we will stand in the hereafter. Can you not for your Lord who has blessed you with so many things, be a little patient? Think over it.

Islam should be the state religion. Say No To Secularism.

I hope the comment makes through the moderation, which I strongly doubt.

Turkman said...

On Sun, Jul 25, 2010 at 3:05 AM, S Turkman wrote:

* Out of the all countries of the world in only Pakistan, Iran and Saudi Arabia State Religion Phenomena has been taken to such height that they have Religious (Shriyah) Courts.
* Hardly any advanced civilized countries of the world have a 'State Religion'.
* Except for U.K., where they do not want to touch their old laws though, they do not follow any religious laws, no country with Advanced or a country with High I.Q. Average population has a State Religion.
* Nations with low IQ Average always have a 'State Religion'.
* State Religion has an effect on courts or has caused birth of Religious (Shriyah) Courts only in Moslim Countries.
* This is interesting to learn, what kind of Cheaters are countries, who declare Islam as their 'State Religion' but have signed on UN Charter that negates some parts of Islam. Its evident that they have done that just to become UN Members and qualify for UN Charity of Aid and Charity of Aid and Loans from rich advanced countries.
* Purpose of having a 'State Religion' in Moslim Countries is to oppress Moslim and Non Moslim minorities, Reformers of Islam and their citizens, who believe in Freedom of Speech and Expression. against Religious Oppression because otherwise, all such countries violate Islam by begging for Charity of Aid and Loans from Non Moslims that Islam prohibits. Otherwise, if they were really 'Islamic States', why would they be violating that part of Islam?
* Out of 192 countries of the world 176 or 92% do not have any 'State Religion'.
* Out of 164 Non Moslim Countries of the world, only 14 or 8.5% have a 'State Religion' but their Laws are not according to their Religions.
* Out of 141 Christian Majority countries in the world, only 12 or 8.5% have a 'State Religion' and this includes Vatican City, the Kaabaa of majority of Christians (the Catholics). Besides Vatican, Christian Laws are not followed in any country of the world.
* Out of 3 Hindu Majority countries of the world, none have a 'State Religion'.
* Out of 6 Buddhist Countries in the world, only 2 or 33% have a State Religion but they are backwards low IQ Average countries.
* Out of 44 Moslim Majority Countries in the world, 24 or 54.55% have a State Religion. Almost all of them are backwards and poor except for Oil Rich countries. Oil Rich or not, Literacy Rate of all such countries is pretty low.
* Worldwide Data shows, Religion is more popular or important in low IQ, low Literacy Rate nations and least popular in nations with high IQ and high Literacy Rate.
S U Turkman

naeem sadiq said...

Fully agreed.

Anonymous said...

Any one who holds the welfare of Pakistan dear to him/her heart can not but support this campaign.

As a Pakistani who has been away from motherland for over half a century, I too support this campaign wholeheartedly.

This will, Inshah Allah, clear my way for a visit to Pakistan.

Anonymous said...

pakistanis cannot be trusted to mix religion with politics in a sensible way - they are to corrupt and uneducated to do so

saranglq said...

I agree that no state shoud be involved in religion and religion should not be the excuse for existence of a state and I am hopeful for the cause...

Anonymous said...

u the poor people u need to learn allama iqbal he said qoum mazhab hy mazhab jo nahi tum b nahi.......................... wel really i feel sorry 4 such unawre and religion against people .............. kash allah apko toufiq ata karay islam ko jaay ki or amal karay ki or logo ko gumrah a kary ki

readinglord said...

It is simply absurd to attribute any religion to the state, especially when Mohamdi Islam is avowedly anti-state.

humayun said...

Humayun Ghauri ‎"ETERNAL VIGILANCE IS THE PRICE OF LIBERTY ." Our great leaders have never opted for a theocratic state .Theocratic dogmatism has been inducted into our body politic arbitrarily by dictator Ziaulhaq,which has unleashed a lot of violence, bloodshed ,sectarianism, religious intolerance,& gun running in our motherland.As sons & daughters of the soil we all must contribute our lot in stemming this tide & create an ambiance which is relaxed ,peaceful & democratic.Terrorism rampant in our dear country shall be defeated with concerted national efforts.It is obligatory for the intellectuals to play the vanguard role in creating democratic ethos & polity & discourage violence by word & deed.

Anonymous said...

Fully agreee! Religion is a private matter between man and his God. No state or other mortal intervention is diserable nor needed.

Bokhari said...

State, called the 'MOTHERLAND', is like a mother which would never discriminate among its offspring on any count. If it starts discriminating on the basis of religion it ceases to be a mother and reneges against the very concept of the state and becomes sheer despotism; a step-motherly'churhail', discriminating among its citizens like a 'Kali Devi' through blasphemic laws. It would then become intrinsically a rogue state, allowing murderers in the name of religion to be garlanded.

Anonymous said...

GM Lakho, just curious why there is only one blog post on your blog?

We need constant dialog to ensure we reach people and make them understand

Totally supporter your statements though!

balochsuhbatali said...

I am of the view that whatever you have said, it is right and just. I fully support your point of view and I say openly no the the state religion. you are really bold and brave to take the initiative in this regard. Furthermore I being poet, writer feel that man has suffered alot due to religion. so this time right to say no to the state religion.
Baloch Suhbat Ali
Advocate High Court

Saad said...

Very nice, lets make this country a true secular state

Rashed said...

I fully agree that there should be no state religion.Those societies which guarantee full civil liberties and freedom are the ones which are most prosperous and its citizens the happiest.

Mahnaz said...

Religion is our personal matter and it has nothing to do with the affairs of the state.As citizens of Pakistan, we all are equal irrespective of our religion,sex,cast or creed.

Maanjhi Sain said...

Well done lakho sahib,
we are with you, in campaign, we will join you at any level, stat must be secular.

Maanjhi Sain said...

Haq Maujood,
well done lakho sahib,
stat must be secular, we are with you at any level.
halar laghari.


Religion is a personal matter.State Religion is against the basic Human Rights of the freedom of Speech,as in Religion Islam if anyone who say himself as Muslim is not allowed to think Freely or Speak freely about his Thought about Islam and his Prophet.In a state having State Religion (like ,ISLAM)If some one found of this practice He have no more Right of his life .

Anonymous said...

It's amazing that even with the scant history our young are taught, religion seems to be defined by the existence of an invisible, heavenly diety who sent a "flesh and blood ambassador" to we, the "lower earthly life forms".

Few people realize that Communism and Facism too were state religions. These were not based on the existence of an "invisible heavenly diety" but were based on ideas represented by fleshly and charasmatic embassadors. With the exception of Hitler, many were worshipped after their death and still are.

Ideally, there'd be no "State Religion" because we'd have no borders. Our philosophy should be to do good to others when and where we have the opportunity. That would enrich everyone...and would in turn, but its own reward.

Charles Alexander Zorn said...

Religion is personal not federal. Say no state sponsored religions. Constitutions are civil contracts not supernatural ones. They are for humans seeking civil consensus.

I agree with GM LAKHO and support his campaign.

Civil law does not have to displace religious belief, culture or the personal practice of it. As it is an agreement so every citizen can practice and respect others ways and beliefs otherwise, anyone can come and replace the last religious doctrine with another arguing equal or greater value and impose further dogmatic interpretations of subjective texts.

Usman said...

I completely agree with you Mr. Ghulam Mustafa Lakho and I support your campaign.


Rajpar Rajparfahim said...

sir i fully support your campaign because when we go through the history we find that most of the rulers had tried to establish state on their respective religion, such as emperor ashoka established the state on the basis of budhism, emperor vikramaditya on hinduism, popes on christianity and even muslims through their institutions of khilafat but they all miserably failed.
there is no other country which is based on religion except israel and pakistan and if u see that u will be able to understand that there is no difference between the israel and pakistan former is being carried out by jews fundamentalists and latter one is muslim fundamantalists.

Shery said...

No! You all are wrong. if a muslim is given authority to rule on on muslims it is obligatory to implement strict sharia laws, as per Qur'an & Sunnah. No Muslim can even think of a secular state.

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K. H. Malik said...

Separation of state and religion is the greatest tread, putting humanity on the top. Mr. Lakho, you and Mr. Jawaad are the milestone of this great thought of furnishing the opportunity to 200 million people of a country and the rest of countries in similar situation. This rudiment is the main tributary to next step closer to the reality. SAY NO TO THE STATE RELIGION is a huge push to the human minds in growth, feeling free and feeling as a real human. K H Malik

K. H. Malik said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
K. H. Malik said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Fahad Bombaywala said...

Brilliant Mr. Lakho, in complete agreement with you!.

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